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Please view the post-op instructions below if you have had immediate dentures with extractions:

  • Avoid operating any motor vehicle for 24 hours following your procedure if you received any form of sedation
  • Although you’ve had extractions, you do not need to change any gauze. Your dentures will provide the necessary protection for proper healing. It is completely normal if you have bleeding around the denture and this will gradually lessen after the first few hours following your treatment.
  • Eat soft foods and drink without using a straw for at least 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you can begin to gently brush your remaining teeth and rinse your mouth 3 to 4 times a day with lukewarm salt-water. Continue this for four or five days as it can also help relieve tightness in the cheeks or limitations in opening the mouth.
  • Take all medications as prescribed by our dentist.
  • Apply an ice bag to the outside of the face to help alleviate swelling. Swelling is normal to see for four to seven days.
  • Fragments of bone may work their way up through the gum. Let these work out on their own or visit our practice to have them removed.
  • Any sutures placed will come out on their own or be removed during a post-op appointment. Do not pull them out.
  • Visit our practice if you have any complications or questions on your recovery.

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