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Dental veneers usually require some grinding down of your tooth structure, which means that you will need to take care in-between appointments to care for your teeth and ensure your treatment goes as planned.

During both appointments, you will receive a local anesthetic. Do not eat for about 2 hours, or until the anesthetic has worn off. You will also experience some tooth sensitivity, especially to cold, following treatment. Avoid hot or cold beverages for the first few days, and use mild pain relievers to help manage pain.

  • Temporaries – temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth for protection after your first appointment. While wearing your temporaries, avoid stick foods and floss gently to avoid dislodging the temporary veneers. If your temporary does come off, please call our office so that we can replace it for you.
  • Post-Placement – it may take several days to get used to your veneers after they have bene placed. If your bite still feels unbalanced after a few days, please call our office and make an appointment for an adjustment. Resume brushing and flossing as normal immediately to maintain a healthy mouth and increase the longevity of your restoration.

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2970 Prince William Parkway,
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